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EPISODE 7: Alberto Salazar BANNED, World Champs Chat + Berlin Marathon Excitement

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

On this episode Lauren is joined by a special guest co-host, her husband Henri.


First up, Lauren and Henri discuss the breaking news about Alberto Salazar. Last night it was announced that USADA had finally ruled on their case against Salazar and he was given a 4 year ban from coaching. The decision came from a 3 member AAA panel and is the result of a 4 year investigation. Dr. Jeffery Brown was also given a ban as a result of the investigations.

What are the ramifications of this ruling? Will any of Alberto's past or current athletes be affected as well? How does one ban a coach? How exactly will it be enforced? What effect, if any will this have on Jordan Hasay's attempted American Record at the Chicago Marathon in a few weeks?

Articles about the ban:

New York Times - Alberto Salazar, Coach of the Nike Oregon Project Gets a 4-Year Doping Ban

NPR - Nike Coach Alberto Salazar is Hit With 4 Year Doping Ban

FloTrack - Nike Oregon Project's Alberto Salazar Banned From Coaching For Four Years


Next up Lauren and Henri dove into the results from the first four days of competition at the World Athletics Championships.

Women's Marathon

In a brutal race and horrible conditions the American women had a relatively good showing.

Roberta Groner - 2:38 6th place

Carrie Dimoff - 2:44 13th

Kelsey Bruce - 3:09 38th

Top 3 women ran as a pack until close to the end. Ruth Chepngetich, Rose Chelimo and Helalia Johannes went 1-2-3 with finishing times of 2:32, 2:33 and 2:34. Significantly off from their PRs.

Of the 70 women that started the race only 40 finished. That's a drop out rate of 42%!

Women’s 10,000m

Sifan Hassan on the Netherlands won in National Record setting style for the Netherlands.

The American women finished 8-9-10 (Marielle Hall, Molly Huddle + Emily Sisson).

A good showing by Susan Krumens (also of the Netherlands). She's a fun follow on Instagram!

Men's 100m

Christian Coleman and Justin Gatlin went 1-2 for Gold and Silver.

L+H discuss their feelings surrounding this finish in light of Justin Gatlin's proven record with doping and the suspisions that were swirling around Christian Coleman this summer as a results of his whereabouts violations

Women's Pole Vault

The women's pole vault final was exciting and dramatic! Sandi Morris of the United States came away with the silver medal

If you have any interest in learning more about pole vault Episode 142 of the I'll Have Another Podcast with Katie Nageotte (who tied for 7th over the weekend) is a great listen.

Mixed 4x400m

L + H run through the logistics of this new event and run down all the excitement of the final.

USA dominated as expected, setting the World Record in the semi-final and shattering that time again in the final.

The team was made up of Will London, Allyson Felix, Courtney Okolo and Michael Cherry. Their victory brings Allyson Felix to 12 gold World Championship medals. More than any other person ever!

Men’s 5000m

JAKOB Ingebritsen was DQ during 1st heat of 5000m // he appealed and will compete in the final -- all 3 ingebritsen brothers will run in the final as Jakob’s older brothers Filip and Henrik qualified out of their heat - Jakob went on to get 5th place

AMERICANS Paul Chelimo (7th) and Hassan Mead (11th)

Mention who it was that didn’t qualify for the final

Women’s 3000m Steeplechase -

Colleen Quigley pulled out of the competition before the rounds began. FloTrack story here

Allie Ostrander ran a PR in the semi-final but missed the finals by 1 second. Still a great showing for her in her first season as a professional.

Emma Coburn won silver in a PR of 9:02!

Courtney Freirichs finished off of where she was expected to be in 6th place. She expressed disappointment after the fact.

Women’s 800m

USA earned two more medals when Ravyn Rogers and Ajee Wilson finished 2-3 for silver and bronze behind Halimah Nakaayi of Uganda. Along with the win Nakaayi ran a National Record.

Still to come from Doha:

Men’s 800m FINAL - Tuesday 10/1 3:10p EDT

All 3 American men (Bryce Hoppel, Donavan Brazier + Clayton Murphey) qualified for the final so make sure to tune in to catch that!

Men’s Steeplechase Final - 10/4 2:45p EDT (heats start 10/1)

Women’s 1500m Final - 10/5 1:55p EDT (heats start 10/2)

Women’s 5000m Final - 10/5 at 2:25p EDT (heats start 10/2)

Men’s Marathon - 10/5 4:59p EDT

Men’s 10,000m Final - 10/6 1p EDT


Kenenisa Bekele won in 2:01:41, just 2 seconds off of Eliud Kipchoge's World Record from Berlin last year.

Kipchope forwent Berlin because he's making a second attempt at the sub-2 hour marathon. This time as a part of the Ineos159 project. The attempt will happen sometime between October 12th and 20th in Vienna, Austria. The event will be live streamed on Youtube here.

Sparked by a tweet by Des Linden over the weekend L + H also get into the impact that shoe innovation has had on recent marathon performances.

American performances of note from Berlin:

Sara Hall ran a 4 minute PR of 2:22:16. She's now the 6th fastest American women in history at the event. Behind her Sally Kipyego ran a PR as well, running 2:25:10 for 7th place.

Matt Llano surprised everyone by 1) running this race and 2) running a PR of 2:11:14. Exciting stuff from him and looking forward to what he can do at the Olympic Marathon Trials in February.

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