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EPISODE 66: Ahmaud Arbery, Ritz Retires, Saucony's New Shoe + The Basics of Base Training

In this episode Lauren and Abby run down the news from the past week + talk about the basics of base training.

While this podcast is dedicated to news in elite + professional distance running we felt that it would be remiss not to mention Ahmaud Arbery's death and how it has prompted us to think about how we respond going forward. We want to make sure that we are bringing light to stories that need to be told and amplifying diverse voices through our platform. Below are some resources that have been recommended to us and that we thought would be helpful to share for those of you that are reflecting on your response to Ahmaud's story.

- @diversewerun is doing a live IG chat with @natrunsfar about diversity and inclusion 5/12 @ 8:30EDT

- Ahmaud Arbery and Whiteness in the Running World, Outside Magazine

- Books: So You Want to Talk About Race / Nurture Shock - ch. 3 Why White Parents Don't Talk About Race // Why Are All the Black Sitting Together In the Cafeteria, And Other Conversations About Race

Things We Talk About In This Episode:

- Learn more about ALysia Montano + Molly Dickens' non-profit to support Dream Maternity, &Mother

- Read Deena Kastor's article for Women's Running reflecting on her own adoption

- Dani Jones joins Team Boss

- Watch ESPN's "4 Minutes" movie about Roger Bannister history-making race

- Dathan Ritzenhein announced his retirement

- Boston cancels parades + large events through at least Labor Day // Illinois' Plans for Reopening Post-COVID

- Learn more about Saucony's Endorphin Pro

Hand Off: I'll Have Another Episode 248 with Chris Turner //  Citius Mag with Dani Jones

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