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EPISODE 2: Christian Coleman, Adam Goucher on Maternity Leave, Diamond League and USATF 20K Champs

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Christian Coleman issues a statement regarding "whereabouts" violations.

Adam Goucher speaks up about Kara and the Goucher family's experience with Nike during and after her pregnancy with their son Colt. And Saucony takes a stand for women by sharing their maternity leave policy and extending the same benefits to their professional runners as their "everyday" employees.

Find a showing of Brittany Runs a Marathon near you!

Grayson Murphey made a move from NAZ Elite to Idaho Distance Project and made her debut on the trails, winning her first trail race this past weekend.

Check out the upcoming Diamond League and USATF Championship action this week.

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May we suggest checking out I'll Have Another Episode 174 with Sara Hall and C Tolle Run's interview with Roberta Groner.

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