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EPISODE 19: Top Running Moments of 2019

Top Running Moments of 2019 (in no particular order)

- Eliud Kipchoge's 1:59:40 marathon at the INEOS159 Project

Watch the full run here

- Brigid Kosgei's World Record at the Chicago Marathon

- Alberto Salazar is banned from coaching for 4 years

- Yomif Kejelcha's World Record in the Indoor Mile

- Donovan Brazier's 800m American Record + Shelby Houlihan's American Record in the 1500m

Watch Donovan's record here

Watch Shelby's post-record interview here

- Mary Cain's OpEd in the New York Times and the conversations it's opened up in the running community - watch the OpEd video and read the article here

- The performance by the American Men's field at the Chicago Marathon

- Kenenisa Bekele's near World Record at the Berlin Marathon

- Sifan Hissan's historic double at World's to win the 1500m and 10,000m

- Lindsay Crouse breaking the story around maternity leave for Nike professional runners

Read the OpEd here

Lauren and Abby's Favorites of 2019

Favorite Shoes - HOKA Cliftons (Lauren) + Pegasus Zoom Turbo (Abby)

Favorite Race - Ventura Half Marathon (Lauren) + Eugene Marathon (Abby)

Favorite Podcast We Discovered - Armchair Expert (Lauren) + Whoa That's Good and Morning Shake Out (Abby)

Favorite Book - Let Your Mind Run (Lauren) + The Passion Paradox (Abby)

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