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EPISODE 11: Marine Corps Results, Valencia Half, Nike News + Q&A

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Fast Facts

- Congrats to Danielle Moreno + Andy Wacker of Team USA who won their races at the  NACAC Mountain Running Championships.

- Marine Corps Marathon winners - Jordan Tropf in 2:27:43 & Brittany Charboneau in 2:44:47

- Allie Kieffer will toe the line the of the NYC Marathon this weekend despite dealing with a hamstring injury.

- Sifan Hassan and Molly Huddle's races at the Valencia Half Marathon in Spain over the weekend.

- Samantha Palmer ran a Personal Best and Olympic Standard at the Frankfurt Marathon (2:29:07)

- Camille Herron won the IAU 24 Hour World Championships and broke her own World's Best Distance. She and her teammates, Pam Smith and Courtney Dauwalter take the team title for USA as well!

- Nike CEO Mark Parker is stepping down at the beginning of 2020

- Pete Julian, ex-NOP coach, is reforming a Nike Training Group with many of the NOP alums

- Professional runner, Kaitlin Goodman, has launched Safe on the Roads, an organization advocating for safer streets for runners and cyclists. Her passion for this topic comes after an encounter with a distracted runner last summer that left her injured and unable to run the NYC Marathon in 2018. This week Kaitlin will finally get to toe the line in New York City.


#1 - What subscription service gives you the widest range of races to watch online? What sites serve you guys best to see the races? For example, how are you going to watch Worlds? Chicago Marathon? NYC marathon? Berlin Marathon? Etc.

#2 - First, what's the difference between pro, elite, sub-elite, etc. Is there some time cutoff between them? Is there a governing body that specifies the ranges? Second, I've read several places not to drink a sports drink with a energy gel, but never an explanation why. What gives? Along those lines, why the water? Just to wash it down? Thanks!

#3 - Rabbits! How long do they run with whoever they’re pacing? If they feel good can then keep running?

#4 - What do the super fast people think about us slow pokes on race day?

#5 -

Part 1: What are the sponsorship levels in the US? Shoe/Outfit sponsor? To full-time job?

Part 2: How are professional runners compensated? Do they get paid based on performance?

#6 - How and why did the time standard for Boston start? And WHY does it keep getting faster?

#7 - Is it bad to switch between shoes with different midsole drops?

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