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The Up + Running Podcast is is a different kind of running podcast. It's a casual conversation between running buddies about everything and anything running. Each week the co-hosts, Lauren + Abby, sit down to debrief their training, discuss the current events in the sport of running and share their thoughts on various topics.

We also share exciting conversations with elite and professional runners that are doing BIG things in the running world! Whether its bringing you the results from a big marathon over the weekend, or just chatting about a story that broke in the previous week we hope you learn something in each and every episode!

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Lauren Floris

Hi! I'm Lauren! I've been running ever since I was 11 and could join my middle school cross country team. I was born in Hopkinton, MA (the starting point of the Boston Marathon) but I now live and train in Southern California with my husband and our two daughters.

When I'm not running you can find me playing with my kids, cooking up yummy treats and meals for the fam, napping when my kids nap, doing some coaching work or watching a TV show with my husband. 

Favorite Professional Runner: Des Linden

Favorite Race Distance: 5000m (on the track!)

Favorite Workout: Mile Repeats

Abby Stanley

Hey everyone, I’m Abby! I grew up chasing my siblings around my parent’s organic farm in Pennsylvania but didn’t fully embrace running until college when a friend convinced me to train for a marathon (my first official race!), which was a fun, but painful introduction to the sport. Fast-forward five years and running has become a major part of my life and I am so thankful for it! I’ve met so many wonderful friends, sorted out life on runs with teammates, and now get to coach some awesome and strong student-athletes here in beautiful southern California. 


Outside of training and coaching, I love baking yummy treats, dreaming about getting a dog to run with, reading a good book, or going for a walk and getting coffee with friends! 


Favorite Professional Runner: Dom Scott

Favorite Race Distance: Marathon or cross country

Favorite Workout: Long progression run & fartleks



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